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At Adda Flagpoles our objective is to manage the growth of our client base in a manner that will also maintain stability with our existing customers. Where ever possible we have in house production from the design, through all stages of manufacture, including the powder coat finishing and installation.

Adda Flagpoles commenced in 1978 in a 110 square meter factory then in 1985 built our present location that has 600 square meters with room for expansion at a later date.

We have been involved since our early beginning's with most of the high profile projects in Australia and our local region such as the new Parliament Houses, Canberra and Sydney, the bicentenary pole in Darling Harbour Sydney, the Haymarket project in Melbourne, the International Airport in Auckland, New Zealand and the new Parliament House, Papua New Guinea where we used a helicopter to lift the 36 metre high flagpole into position.

But our crowning glory would have to be the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games where we supplied and installed flagpoles to the majority of the Olympic venues as well as the main stadium, however, with all these projects in mind we still consider the single pole in someone's garden just as important.

Adda Flagpoles P/L is a wholly Australian Company whose aim is to ensure total customer satisfaction through design, manufacture and installation of flagpoles for all sectors of the market.


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