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Adda Flagpoles feel it necessary to point out that when you are thinking of purchasing a new flag pole, the cheapest option is not always the best value for your money.

Some other manufacturers are not as strict as us when it comes to manufacturing outstanding quality. We would like to point out some differences in flag pole specifications to look out for when considering which flag pole manufacturer to use.

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The difference with Adda Flagpoles and some other flag pole suppliers:

  • Others sometimes install their 6m pole by driving it into the ground and setting with a 20kg bag of quick set concrete because the spigot of your flagpole has no base plate. They also install your 9m tapered poles the same as 6m poles and may not be hot dipped galvanized.

ADDA 6m tapered flagpoles have a base plate with 4 foundation bolts cast into a concrete footing with a minimum of 4 x 40kg bags of concrete. Our 9m poles are installed the exact same way, but we use a minimum of 5 bags of 40kg concrete and have a galvanized steel spigot inside the flagpole with a minimum diameter of 88.9mm.

9m flagpoles

  • They may glue together a two piece main shaft and use a 12mm zinc coated threaded bar on 150mm centres, and use base plates that are 200mm squared and 10mm thick.

ADDA use a machine tapered single piece main shaft and foundation bolts for 9m flagpoles that are 16mm galvanized steel L bolts on 200mm centres and guarantee base plates are 280mm square and 16mm thick.

6mm silver halyard rope

  • Other suppliers may use a nylon VB cord which is actually only suitable for indoor use and use sand filled canvas tubes.

ADDA only ever use a 6mm silver halyard rope and a vandal resistant weighted sling which has a stainless steel wire through the centre to maximise strength and security with a UV stabilised cover.

main shaft for 12m

  • They sometimes use plastic trucks or tops and a main shaft for 12m OD with a 2mm wall thickness and 10m OD with a wall thickness.

ADDA use cast aluminium trucks or tops and a main shaft for 12m 127mm OD with a 3mm wall thickness and a 9m pole have 100.3mm OD shaft with a 2.3mm wall thickness.

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