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At Adda Flagpoles, our friendly team of experts are always available to offer you honest advice and reliable information.

As Sydney’s most trusted flag pole specialists, we would like to share our flag pole installation tips to ensure a professional finish and end result wherever your new flag pole may be.

Flag pole installation tips:

1. To install your flag pole, you need to firstly dig a hole 450mm by 450mm and 600mm deep.

2. Next, you need to fill the hole with 5 complete bags of ready mixed concrete or until your hole is full.

3. Using the template provided by Adda, cast the foundation bolts in place in to the concrete whilst wet.

4. Leave the newly concreted hole for 3 whole days.

5. After 3 complete days you can stand the pole and securely bolt down with the foundation bolts.

be aware

Please be aware that every size flag pole has a different sized foundation. We have to take in to consideration things like wind and terrain, when specifying the correct foundation for you. You will receive complete foundation instructions when purchasing your flag pole from Adda but if you need further advice, we are always available via email or on the other end of the phone.

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