Professional quality goal posts in Sydney

Adda Flagpoles

As one of Australia’s most reliable goal post manufacturers, we supply professionals with the very best quality goal posts. 

Our AFL posts come with:

  • Various heights
  • Tapered aluminium uprights with galvanized steel ground inserts

Sydney Olympic Stadium quality

Adda Flagpoles proudly supplied goal posts and uprights to the Sydney Olympics back in 2000 at the Olympic Stadium for all the competitive soccer and rugby matches. We were honoured to be trusted with such a huge responsibility and were thrilled with the excellent feedback. If our products are good enough for the professionals, we must be doing something right. 

Our soccer goal posts are:

  • Made of high quality aluminium
  • Accompanied by galvanized steel ground inserts
  • Soccer goals with box or triangle
  • Accompanied by slide track net attachments on the rear
  • Powder-coated white
soccer game adda flagpoles

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Contact us today on  1800 440 666 for more information on our professional quality goal posts!
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